Experience of a bisexual

In senior one´╝îi made my first girlfriend. She is a very bright and sunny girl who loves sports and full of passion. Holding her hand for the first time, kissing her for the first time, touching her body for the first time, so many first times now I think I still can't be calm. She is always full of vitality, always likes always likes laughing, shy but not coy, naive but not naive. We play together like friends, study together, and exercise together. after studying at night, we secretly hid in the dark of the small garden of the school and hugged quietly. we can find many interesting things every day. That carefree period of time is really good. At that time, I naively thought that I would keep walking with her. I couldn't imagine a day without her. Senior 2 gradually became silent because of something happened and the constant pressure exerted by both parents after they discovered it. when we were together, we gradually felt bored and even scared. In the end, we left too many regrets.


Later, I suddenly discovered that I like the buddy who often plays soccer together in the next door class. That is a completely different feeling, different vitality. When he ran around on the court and was Snatched by me , when I was shoveled over, he pulled me up with a smile, when he lifted his coat to show his strong body after playing a game, at that moment he seemed to have Guti's appendage. the sunshine plated a layer of gold on him. and blood kept surging in my mind. He is as young, confident, passionate and dreamy as I am. We became good friends. There is not so much bashful between men. one day I declared my love to him after running. he declined, but still let me kiss him. The first time I kissed a man, the feeling of tension, excitement, conquest and conquest was completely different from that of a girl. Since then, my relationship has been as good as ever. I still watch the ball together, play soccer, study and sit on the balcony on the fourth floor watching my sister brag in the sun. I don't really want to speculate on his sexual orientation either. it's enough to have a brother like this.


Senior 3,i told my paresents that i am a bisexual man. what they got was the hysteria of their mother and the sigh of their father. I was depressed by family relations at one time. fortunately, family ties overcame prejudice. Although they still cannot fully understand me, at least they have never been stingy with love and respect for me.


After entering the university, I was free and fell in love with a man and a woman one after another. On the contrary, I have never felt that deep-rooted feeling like before. Perhaps it was in the tense, repressed and semi-closed environment of the past that love seemed sincere and profound. Freshman once had a crush on a teacher who taught us chinese listening and speaking lessons. She is mature, sexy and nifty. Seems to be sensing my feelings,she Often call me a child, let me finish some extra-curricular tasks such as making speeches and listening and translating. Unfortunately, she is already married. I know very well what to do and what to think about. Later also gradually broken contact. Now I may prefer mature women who are older than me. if they are smart, they will be really sexy. This kind of woman always has a kind of power to soothe people's hearts, to make me firm and to make me brave. Well, men, I like the ones that are more masculine and have a handsome appearance. it is best to like football and travel just as much as I do. This will have unlimited passion . It seems that I am a little different from other people. I don't like neutral style very much. I met some gay friends in college, but I still feel that I don't have much common language with them. among the people I know so far, there are no bisexuals. it's quite helpless.


I want to go back to that age of innocence and love again with such care and impudence.Who am I the same as ,and who am I different from? This is really a fucking problem.



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